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Dolphin Olympics 4 flash game review

Dolphin Olympics 4 is a very interesting action game. This game is a perfect time pass and is highly addicting just like Tank Trouble. One completed you can play it again and again to improve your previous scores.
Your goal is to direct the dolphin to save the prime minister who has been abducted by the aliens. In order to find the prime minister and save him from the aliens, you would need to move the laser dolphin from one planet to another till it reaches him.

Dolphin Olympics 4
If you have plays the previous three games of Dolphin Olympics, you are going to love the laser dolphin and its action.

How to Play: This game is played with the help of both keyboard and mouse.
– You can set the direction in which the laser dolphin will move with the help of the mouse cursor.
– By using the spacebar you can swim the dolphin.
– You can move the dolphin towards right and left by using right and left key arrows.
– You can move the dolphin downwards by using the lower key arrow and upwards or make it jump by using upper key arrow.
– After the first level or the first planet, the dolphin will be able to use its laser to protect its self from underwater mines. To use the laser, press the right button of the mouse.
– You will also see golden dolphins on the way. These are like golden coins and therefore, don’t forget to take them as the dolphin moves forward.

Using more arrow keys means more spins and flips that can hold the dolphin in a position for a longer time. Therefore, try to master the moves by playing again and again to that you can beat your own previous scores and set new records for yourself. Learn new tricks to get higher speed and better scores. If you like flash games we recommend you to try Happy Wheels 3 which you can play at .

Explore the seas and planets with laser dolphin!


Is Impossible Quiz really impossible?

Impossible quiz is a unorthodox puzzle game that requires from gamers to use their wit. Here is The Impossible Quiz guide to help you get around the game so you can start playing asap. The game is made in such way that you have to think “outside of the box”, literally, and that’s the first tip. The game is hard but not impossible to but.

impossible quiz logo

The instruction are quite simple, unlike the game itself. Main goal of the game is to answer all the question offered to you. Each time you will start with three lifes. For each question you will be offered a set of answers. If you answer them correctly you will go on the next question, if not you will lose one life and you will continues from the same question. If you lose all of your lifes than it is game over.

After answering certain number of question, you will be rewarded with a “Skip”. By using “Skip”, you will be able to skip a question that you find tough to answer and continue to next one. But watch out, some question cannot be skipped and and you have to answer to progress through the game.

You can also encounter timed puzzle called “Bomb Question”. In this case, you will have to answer the question before the timer on the bomb runs out. The time on your disposal cav vary from generous ten seconds to an evil one second (you read it right).

Quest 88

To answer a question or a puzzle, use your mouse to click on an answer that you believe is the correct one. Watch out, some questions will need from you to be more flexible as they are not standard ask and tell types of puzzles. After answering several question in a row, you will receive a “Skip” that will be positioned in the lower right corner.

P.S. Good news everybody, there is new flash version of legendary classic arcade game Pacman @

Penguins are flying again

In LearntoFly2 Unblocked, you play as a penguin who decides that he is going to learn how to fly. The idea is to prove that penguins are not flightless birds. The penguin decides to avenge himself because in the end of the first part, he catches a photo of him crashing. It is a very quality game and it has improved features in order to keep you addictive and to give you a unique feeling. You have to launch your penguin from a snow and send him across the ocean. The idea is to reach the farthest distance in order to unlock new awards and to buy new equipment.

Penguins are flying againInstructions:

This is not just another “fly the far as you can” game. Core fun and focus is the main thing that developers of this game wanted to provide. If you remove obstacles you will have the possibility to switch a game of a chance to a game of pure skill. There are different types of flight techniques, but they come with upgrades. So, when your penguin tries to bounce off the water you have to pick up a glider and try not to hit the water because it will bounce you upwards and it will drain your speed. Of course, there are different possibilities for upgrading you penguin in order to adjust your strategy, speed and stamina.

When you finish playing your campaign, the game is not over, and that is the greatest part. When you click “Continue” it gives you the possibility to keep flying, to upgrade it better, and to see how far you can get. There is a possibility to restart the campaign with the same upgrade moments in order to pass it again in no time with a higher score than before.


The Penguins are flying again couldn’t be easier, you can see it yourself at When you press left, it will tilt you back, when you press right it will tilt you forward. In the beginning, you have to keep your penguin as flat as possible in order to skip like a stone on the water surface. When you get enough resources for buying the first glider, you will be able to think another strategy in order to adjust your tilt and change style of flying. You have the possibility to buy the rocket so in order to fly you have to tap the space bar with precision so that you could get the best use for your limited fuel.


Your goal is pretty simple: fly as high as you can, long and as far as possible. As you reach certain distance, you will get money and by making money you will be able to upgrade your penguin and make it into a flying machine. There are achievements for each level for Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked, and you have to unlock them in order to get more precious items and rewards.

Apple Shooter hacked review

Apple Shooter hacked reviewThis game features a bow, an arrow and an apple. The apple is placed on top of a person’s head and the goal is to use the bow and arrow to shoot the apple off of his head. Be careful, if you do not aim properly, you could end up hitting the person instead of the apple. As each level is completed, the target is placed further and further away, making it much more difficult to hit the apple. Other popular game, linebacker 2 also involves aim, but with ball. In order to successfully hit the apple, you must aim the bow and arrow with your house. After finding the perfect angle, hold down the mouse button to draw the bow back; the longer you hold down the mouse button, the more powerful the bow will shoot through the arrow and hit the apple. This game is all about precision, concentration and overall, a simplistic game that takes a classic and makes it fun and interactive.

The Joy of Gaming

Games, such as this one, are a source of entertainment and relaxation for those who are young and old. What makes these games even better is how easy they are to access. For years, games could only be accessible through purchasing cassettes or CDs. However, due to the development of a number of gaming sites, it has made it much easier for people to play online, just as long as they have a reliable connection to the internet.

Apple Shooter unblocked is actually an extremely popular game based on archery. Whoever finds themselves playing this game, their patience, accuracy and skill are being tested. As you progress through the levels, a person must remember what they previously done in the last board in order to keep advancing. The three-dimensional design of the game makes it much more interactive and creates a real life experience for the player. The visualization of the animation is very vibrant and makes the game that much more realistic. The graphics makes the game much fun for the player. Additionally, the number of bows and arrows you have are limited, increasing the difficulty of the game and engaging the player even more. What is even more rewarding is the achievements and leaderboard that is featured within this game. Unlocking different levels means you are unlocking even more ways to play Apple Shooter and the more rewards you can receive.