Boxhead 2play – Defeat Zombie Horde

Boxhead 2play - Defeat Zombie Horde
Boxhead 2Play is an online game created by Sean Cooper. It is an exciting game with rooms where players from around the world can converge and show their skills in finishing the missions successfully. The main objective of the game is to kill all the zombies and the devils in Boxville and keeping it safe.

Instructions to Boxhead 2Play

The game has several things that are important to know before playing. You should know the characters, you should know the weapons and how to utilize them, you should know the various controls and you should know the different game types you can engage in.

There are three different game types; the single player mode for the machos who can handle the zombies and devils single handedly. The cooperative mode is for players who would want to have a go at the game with a friend against the zombies and the devils. Death match is the mode where two players try to kill each other as they pick up weapons to increase their chances of winning. The game modes give the players something different to engage in.

Boxhead zombiesCharacters

Boxhead 2Play has a number of very exciting characters that a player can choose from; there is Bambo, Bon, Bert, Bind, Zombies and the Devils. The first four characters named are what the player can select while the zombies and devils are who the player fights against. The player characters have an interesting back story; you will have to play to get to know them better.


Boxhead 2Play players have various controls that cover movement, shooting and changing weapons;


  • Player 1: uses the keyboard direction keys; up to move forward, down to move backwards and the side keys to move either left or right.
  • Player 2: uses the WASD keys; W to move forward, S to move backwards, S to move to the right and D to move to right.


  • Player 1 in multiplayer mode: uses the stroke key (/)
  • Player I in single mode: uses the space bar.
  • Player 2: uses the space bar.

Changing weapons

  • Single play mode: uses the keys 0 to 9 to select a weapon
  • Player 1 in multiplayer mode: the full stop key (.) and the comma key (,).
  • Player 2: uses the E and Q keys to change the weapons.

The above controls will give the player complete control of the situation at hand, so let’s get cracking and kill some zombies and devils.