Apple Shooter 2 is an amazing and fantastic game developed by Wolf Games. Apple shooter 2 is a two-dimension game where the user interacts with it. It offers the best test of the player’s archery skills. Apple shooter 2 requires high concentration, mind power, and teaches the player accuracy skills in targeting. It has different levels that offer the player a stiff challenge as one advances from one level to the other. It can be downloaded and installed on various gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. It is captivating and has amazing features worth spending once spare time. It kept one busy and engaged in passing the time. It provides you with the best opportunity to shoot and kill everyone you would wish. Apple shooter 2 brings the dream of true marksman into a reality.

Enjoy an exciting moment with Apple Shooter 2Overview of the Game:

Apple shooter’s player shoots the apple of his opponent’s head using a bow and an arrow. He should not miss the target to avoid hitting his buddy. Each level puts the player far away from his opponent increasing the difficulty. This challenges the player and motivates him to up his tactics

Controls and how to play:

Apple Shooter 2 is a simple, easy, and still a fun game to kill time. It is even much more comfortable for children and adults alike to play. The shooter when in the game is a mouse. By the use of the mouse and the in-game tools, target your arrows at the apple on the head of your friend. One should aim carefully as a simple mistake can make him earn the label of the world’s best friend.

As one completes each level, the subsequent one becomes more difficult and challenging. Each level distances the apple shooter 2 further and further away from his best friend.

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In-Game Tools:

During the start of the game in Tank Trouble unblocked, the apple shooter’s player can find two key tools that will assist him to aim at his target instead of shooting his best friend. You will find these tools at the top left corner of the screen. The height the arrow flies is appears on the circular gauge. The meter bar determines the power of the shooting arrow. A powerful arrow will travel far than a less powerful indicator. The tools used keenly with hand-eye keeps your best friend from the harm of being shot.

second version of the game
Game Scores:

Different from other archery games that exist on the internet, apple shooters offer its players the highest scores. It challenges its users to get to the highest level possible and list the best apple shooters. It is, therefore. The most exciting game to play.