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Electric Man 2 game guide

In the world of arts and entertainment, gaming is a very significant contributor and Electric Man 2 is a very interesting game just like Blob Opera. This game is composed of a charged stickman that is ready to fight by punching, grabbing, and kicking with the aim of destroying the metallic opponent. In order to fight, the sticky man uses fighting skills drawn from street fighting, martial arts, and also other contributions of superman’s powers.

How to play:
Playing this flash game is very simple because the players use the four arrow keys to play. In addition, the keys W, Q, E, D, A, and S are also used for the functions of grabbing, punching, and kicking among others. Ideally, this is a completion between two fighters and the gamer must use combat techniques to win over the opponent. The tournament of the Voltage is very competitive where combative opponents compete with the aim of finding a champion. If you are up for the game then wake up and overthrow the current champion that still reigns.

Take a look at these badass fights, some people are so skilled in this game that it almost scares me, lol.

Good luck and have fun in your fighting tournament.

Similar game – Raze

Raze One started as a small project by Addison-R. Due to the vast amounts of programmers quitting the project every day, he approached Juice-Tin for help. Raze 1 is the product and still is a favorite today.

Raze is a futuristic battle game just like Electric Man. Your character is controlled by the letters W, A, S, and D on your keypad, and to aim and shoot you have to use your mouse. You can change your weapon with letters 1-9.

The aim of the game is to fight for your planet, battling against aliens and robots! This is awesome, although if it was to happen in real life it definitely wouldn’t be…

The game opens up on a start-up screen, where you can choose the appearance, personality, and name of your character. Once you have done that, you get the option of playing a quick match or playing the campaign version. When it’s your first time playing you have to do a tutorial before playing properly, which is very helpful because it’s hard to absorb the gameplay details unless you can read them whilst playing.

You have to go through obstacles to reach your enemy and fight them by shooting them. You have to kill your enemy multiple times, not just once, as you have the option to re-spawn. Whoever kills the other the most, is victorious.

There are many areas in the course of the game where you can obtain stuff to help you: for example, invincibility, weapon changes, etc.

Playing the campaign version is like playing a story mode. You have to complete levels and once you complete the final level you’ve completed the game! The first level starts off as easy but as you progress it gets more and more difficult, like most things! Whereas a quick match doesn’t really have an aim, it’s just to play for fun and I would definitely recommend playing a handful of matches in this mode before playing the campaign, as a quick match allows you to develop skills whilst playing. Going straight into playing the campaign is setting yourself up to fail as you would not have allowed yourself to adjust and get used to the game.

This game is great for those who love an end result, those who love battle games, those who love fantasy games, and also those who love mini-games! I really think this game has something in it for everyone, and it is also simple, but not easy!

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This game is super exciting, it has mind-blowing fighting scenes, it has thrilling action and it is challenging and entertaining.

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Lazy guy’s advice – Zombie Trailer Park

It is really weird that today whole planet is losing its minds over zombie games, zombie TV shows, zombie movies, and so on and so on…

Just add to any subject zombie character and BOOM, it is extremely popular like next day already and everybody loves it, but who am I to judge? I also enjoy zombie games very much, in fact, I will even list games that I play most often.

ztpWhen I have free time and I’m at home comfortable, I play Call Of Duty Zombies, it is a pretty decent game and very entertaining, but when I’m at work and I have a couple of minutes of free time I prefer playing flash games, in this case – Zombie Trailer Park!

The main reason why I choose ZTP (aka Zombie Trailer Park) is that it doesn’t require you to install anything, you just visit the site which has this game on it and that is all, simple as that!

Now I won’t dive too deep with details what kind of game it is and things like that, you can find it yourself in a couple of minutes while playing, instead, I will pinpoint the main subjects, so get ready:

  • The game consists of different units; zombies have different units as well.
  • In order to increase the number of your soldiers, you will have to build special buildings (barracks).
  • Some of your units fight in close combat, while others have guns and explosives and they can fight on long distances.
  • Killing zombies increase your special attack abilities, once they are full you can unleash meteor of bombs on zombies and other kinds of attacks, the main thing to keep in mind here is to use them when you don’t have any other options left, otherwise, your base will be destroyed.
  • The game ends when you destroy the zombie’s home base and clean the city from the undead. That is pretty much your main and only objective in Zombie Trailer Park.

Zombie Trailer ParkAs you can see there are pretty interesting objectives in this game, and it is also very fun to destroy one wave of zombies after another over and over again, additionally to this you will get new units with new attack abilities over time so you won’t really get bored with this amazing zombie game.

Is Impossible Quiz really impossible?

Impossible quiz is a unorthodox puzzle game that requires from gamers to use their wit. Here is The Impossible Quiz guide to help you get around the game so you can start playing asap. The game is made in such way that you have to think “outside of the box”, literally, and that’s the first tip. The game is hard but not impossible to but.

impossible quiz logo

The instruction are quite simple, unlike the game itself. Main goal of the game is to answer all the question offered to you. Each time you will start with three lifes. For each question you will be offered a set of answers. If you answer them correctly you will go on the next question, if not you will lose one life and you will continues from the same question. If you lose all of your lifes than it is game over.

After answering certain number of question, you will be rewarded with a “Skip”. By using “Skip”, you will be able to skip a question that you find tough to answer and continue to next one. But watch out, some question cannot be skipped and and you have to answer to progress through the game.

You can also encounter timed puzzle called “Bomb Question”. In this case, you will have to answer the question before the timer on the bomb runs out. The time on your disposal cav vary from generous ten seconds to an evil one second (you read it right).

Quest 88

To answer a question or a puzzle, use your mouse to click on an answer that you believe is the correct one. Watch out, some questions will need from you to be more flexible as they are not standard ask and tell types of puzzles. After answering several question in a row, you will receive a “Skip” that will be positioned in the lower right corner.