Impossible quiz is a unorthodox puzzle game that requires from gamers to use their wit. Here is The Impossible Quiz guide to help you get around the game so you can start playing asap. The game is made in such way that you have to think “outside of the box”, literally, and that’s the first tip. The game is hard but not impossible to but.

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The instruction are quite simple, unlike the game itself. Main goal of the game is to answer all the question offered to you. Each time you will start with three lifes. For each question you will be offered a set of answers. If you answer them correctly you will go on the next question, if not you will lose one life and you will continues from the same question. If you lose all of your lifes than it is game over.

After answering certain number of question, you will be rewarded with a “Skip”. By using “Skip”, you will be able to skip a question that you find tough to answer and continue to next one. But watch out, some question cannot be skipped and and you have to answer to progress through the game.

You can also encounter timed puzzle called “Bomb Question”. In this case, you will have to answer the question before the timer on the bomb runs out. The time on your disposal cav vary from generous ten seconds to an evil one second (you read it right).

Quest 88

To answer a question or a puzzle, use your mouse to click on an answer that you believe is the correct one. Watch out, some questions will need from you to be more flexible as they are not standard ask and tell types of puzzles. After answering several question in a row, you will receive a “Skip” that will be positioned in the lower right corner.